Crates of apples in orchard.

Commercialization and Licensing

Expertise and perseverance by world-renowned University of Minnesota research scientists and breeders have led to numerous improved varieties and cultivars. Over a period of more than one hundred years of research, the time and the ability to share U of M horticultural innovations became increasingly challenging. Thus, the U of M has arrangements via several resources to help with the distribution of plant materials and knowledge to commercial growers.

Following the trend of the marketplace, and pressing need to increase funding for future research and education, many recent U of M discoveries are patented. Propagation requires a license via the assistance of the U's Technology Commercialization team. Or, patented plant materials can be ordered from Licensed Nurseries.

Other plants are available from numerous professional nurseries; especially participants in the Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation (MNRC). Turfgrass cultivars can be obtained through the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association (MCIA).

Proceeds from patent rights, plus MNRC and MCIA participants, support continuing education, research, and discoveries at the U of M. In other words, the future of commercial growing.