Commercialization and Licensing - Grasses

Ornamental Grasses

Blue Heaven bluestem.

Blue Heaven™ Bluestem

Blue Heaven™ Bluestem, 'MinnblueA', (US Plant Patent 17,310; Technology #z01074) is protected under the US Plant Patent Act and is licensed through the Technology Commercialization website.

A current list of Blue Heaven™ licensees can befound here (.pdf).


Ragnar II.

Research into genetics and breeding methodologies by Turfgrass Science experts is focused on the development of environmentally sustainable and profitable low-input turfgrasses for cold climates.

Licenses to grow and evaluate new U of M turf grass varieties are handled by the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association (MCIA) and the Technology Commercialization team. More information on how to obtain a license can be found here.

TC Licensing Contact

If you want to become licensed, the U's Technology Commercialization (TC) team would be pleased to help you. TC's site offers additional plant variety information and you can submit licensing and technical questions.

For additional licensing information, please contact:

BJ Haun
Technology Licensing Officer
Technology Commercialization
University of Minnesota
Phone: 612-626-8495
Fax: 612-624-6554

Thank you for your interest in U of M varieties.

Support U Research

Turfgrass varieties developed by the U of M are released through the MCIA in coroporation with the Office of Technology Commercialization.  Sales benefit future University research.

For more information about obtaining available varieties please contact Roger Wippler, MCIA Manager, Foundation Seed Services at 612-625-7766 or by email at