Landscape Plants Gardener FAQ

These are the most common questions we are asked by gardeners & consumers regarding landscape plants. We hope our information and the resource links we provide help you find the information you are seeking.

Thank you for your interest in landscape plants developed by the University of Minnesota.

Does the University of Minnesota sell plants?

The U of M does not sell plant material directly to the public. Agreements, many licensed for patented varieties, exist with propagators, who then distribute plant materials to growers, retailers, and landscapers.

Where can a home gardener buy a U of M variety?

No one nursery or resource carries all U of M varieties. Your best bet is to contact your favorite retail nursery or garden center and ask for the variety you want. You may also check availability at the Plant Information Online site.

Where can I learn more about U of M garden and landscape varieties and how to grow them?

The Extension Garden site educates northern home gardeners as well as offering valuable information for commercial horticultural production and service industries.

Yard and Garden News is an online newsletter for Minnesota gardeners.

Where can I find answers to questions about growing a healthy lawn?

Check out the Lawn FAQ on the Turfgrass Science site .

Where can I see planted varieties and how they look in landscapes?

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum features more than 1,000 acres of magnificent gardens, model landscapes, and natural areas-from woodlands and wetlands to prairie- with extensive collections of northern-hardy plants.

The U of M Research & Outreach Centers (ROCS) are locations throughout the state where you can observe and learn about U of M varieties.

Are there any great U of M publications for special growing conditions?

Best Plants for 30 Tough Sites

Ornamental Grasses for Cold Climates

Where can I get help dealing with a diseased plant?

Review information on the Extension Gardening Information site or contact the Plant Disease Clinic .

Where can I get information on improving my soil?

Homeowners can submit a soil sample to the U of M Soil Testing Laboratory . The lab will provide detailed information on soil composition and fertilizer recommendations.

How could I become a Master Gardener?

Review information about the Master Gardener Program on their site. The program trains volunteers to help educate people in their community about horticulture.