Pink Popcorn blueberry beside traditional colored blueberry.

Pink Popcorn® Blueberry

October 1, 2015

Pink Popcorn® (aka MNPink1 cultivar) is the first pink blueberry introduced by the University. Research conducted at the Agricultural Experiment Station’s northernmost research center in North America near Grand Rapids, Minnesota, has yielded this truly hardy plant, the only pink blueberry on the market tolerant in Zone 4 temperatures.

Pink Popcorn blueberry.The vase-shaped bushes with beautiful white flowers and medium green foliage that turns bright red in the fall make Pink Popcorn a winner in the home landscape. Creamy white and pink berries ripen early to mid-season. They are self-fruitful, but will produce a heavier crop if planted with another early-season variety.

The glowing blush-colored berries have the taste and aroma of the best blueberries, and could offer gourmands a decorative and exotic surprise. The crisp texture promises a “snap” of flavor, hence the whimsical  “Popcorn” name.

Pink Popcorn® is a registered trademark of the University of Minnesota.

Know to Grow

Blueberry plants require acidic, well-drained soil. Most soils--where the native pH of the soil is less than 7.0--can be amended to make them suitable (4.0-5.0). Plant more than one variety for effective pollination leading to better yield and berry size.