'Summer Cascade' Wisteria.

Summer Cascade Wisteria

September 15, 2015

Summer Cascade Wisteria.

For years, wisteria was a lavish and glorious perennial vine that bloomed throughout the summer—but only in warm climates. Northern gardeners transplanted the vines but were frustrated by plants that produced few blooms and barely survived Minnesota winters. Now, the hardy ‘Summer Cascade’ gives gardeners in cold climates a gorgeous, reliable, and prolific blooming vine. 

Breeding work to develop a hardy wisteria started with seedlings from a Kentucky variety that Betty Ann Addison of White Bear Lake successfully grew in her garden. Originally known as ‘Betty Matthews,’ the wisteria has been tested at the Agricultural Experiment Station and propagated for wide distribution. 

Breeders: Steve McNamara/Stan Hokansan

Know to Grow

'Summer Cascade' blooms on new growth in June and can grow to 20 feet with sturdy, twining stems. Plant in full sun and prune two or three times throughout the summer to prompt blooms. It is proven hardy to Zone 3.