'Snowstorm' is a vigorous gaura for Minnesota with abundant, continuous pink and white flowers. It flourishes in both cool and warm locations, even in extreme heat and drought. A hardy seedling was selected in 2000 and was crossed with plants gathered on collection trips to Texas, Mexico, California and the Dakotas, resulting in a fragrant, prolific plant. Tough though it may be, 'Snowstorm' is now marketed as an annual, and will be used in future breeding efforts toward a truly winter-hardy gaura.

U of M Gaura (Gaura lindheimerii) Variety

ImageVarietyYearFlower ColorFeaturesPlant Size
'Snowstorm' GauraSnowstorm2000Pink and white flowersContinuous bloom. Drought tolerant. Annual in Minnesota.2-3'

Did You Know?

Commonly called the butterfly flower, this annual's flowers look like fluttering butterflies from a distance. It is wonderful in the garden or in containers.