‘Summercrisp’ pear is hardy in most of Minnesota. To improve productivity, plant another type of pear to serve as a pollinator. Researchers are testing seven selections from which several new cultivars may be introduced in the next decade. 

U of M Pear Varieties

Image Variety Year Features Ripens
Parker Pears Parker 1934 Medium to large, roundish, yellow-bronze fruit. Popular for fine-grained, tender, juicy flesh. Fruit must be picked before it ripens. Upright, vigorous growing tree used as pollinator for ‘Luscious.’ Tree susceptible to fire blight. Mid-August
Summercrisp Pear Summercrisp 1985 Sweet flavored, crisp fruit. 2 1/2–3" in diameter and 3–4" long. Blooms early May. Fruit harvested when crisp, green with a red blush, and may be stored up to two months. Hardiest pear at University of Minnesota. Mid-August

Know to Grow

‘Summercrisp’ is the hardiest University release. Plant another variety, such as Parker, for pollination.