Minnesota Hardy

Chrysanthemums, apples, azalea, blueberries, flowering tree, and grapes

The University of Minnesota has been breeding apples, berries, grapes, ornamental trees and shrubs, flowers, and grasses for over 150 years. More than 400 proven cold-hardy varieties provide a foundation for Minnesota's thriving horticultural industry.

New and exciting releases from the University of Minnesota


Rave apples. Sold as First Kiss apples in Minnesota.

First Kiss® apples

First Kiss® (Rave® brand outside of Minnesota) apples are an extremely crisp early season apple. This delicious new apple should be ready for you to taste beginning in mid-to-late August!

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Itasca grapes on a vine. Grapes are dusty light green in color.

Itasca grapes

Released in 2017, over 100,000 Itasca grape vines have been sold to Northern vineyards across the US and into Canada. The first "Itasca Wines" are now available for wine lovers to enjoy.

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Golden Harvest ornamental grass

Golden Sunset® grasses

This ornamental grass is hardy to Zone 3 and has a tall, upright form that does not fall over. It features olive-green foliage and a numerous early yellow and golden-bronze flowers.

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