‘Latham’ was the most widely planted raspberry in the United States during the 1930s and ’40s. It remains popular today, due to its large and beautiful fruits and disease resistance.

Raspberries grow in a wide range of soil types, but the ideal environment is well drained subsoil, with full sunlight and good air circulation.

University of Minnesota Raspberry Varieties


  • Vigorous plants produce lots of large, sweet, firm, bright red berries
  • Plants are disease resistant
  • Floricane fruiting type
  • Released in 1920


  • Medium-sized, pleasant tasting berries
  • Good for freezing
  • Hardy to Zone 2B
  • Released in 1988

Red Wing

  • Early fall bearing raspberry with hardy, medium-sized fruit
  • Hardy to Zone 3B
  • Released in 1988


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All University of Minnesota raspberry varieties

The University of Minnesota fruit breeding program has released 5 raspberry varieties since the research began. Some of the varieties listed below are no longer common or commercially available.

Variety name Year released
Latham 1920
Chief 1930
Itasca 1965
Redwing 1988
Nordic 1988