The University of Minnesota developed the first wisteria proven hardy to zone 3. Summer Cascade™ was bred from a hardy strain of Kentucky wisteria and first known as ‘Betty Matthews,’ after a White Bear Lake resident in whose yard it grew. This beautiful flowering vine thrives in full sun, and can easily cover an arbor or pergola to create a shady retreat. 

Carefully consider where to place a new wisteria. It can be an aggressive grower that develops a heavy wood structure of its own. Supports such as a fence, arbor or trellis must be able to accommodate that weight. Once established, new canes can grow up to 10 feet in a summer. Routine pruning several times throughout the growing season will restrain its size and promote blooms.

University of Minnesota Wisteria Variety

Summer Cascade wisteria. Flowers are lavender in color.

Summer Cascade™

  • Lavender flower cover
  • Cascading 10-12" bloom clusters
  • 15-25' vine
  • Proven hardy to Zone 3
  • Thrives in full sun
  • Released in 2013

Summer Cascade™ is a trademark of the University of Minnesota.