Evergreen Trees

Abundant native evergreens add to the beauty of northern Minnesota, but can reach more than 50 feet in height. Attractive as they are, most home landscapes have limited space for such large trees. The University has developed several varieties of more compact evergreens. Whether the traditional spire-like shape or the drooping habit of ‘Uncle Fogey,’ the dense foliage brings varied color and texture to the home landscape in all seasons. 

Jack Pine

Fast-growing jack pines can grow well on impoverished, sandy sites with acidic soil. Sometimes thought of as a novelty tree due to its irregular growth habit, ‘Uncle Fogey’ is an exceptionally hardy, prostrate, drooping tree that does well in urban settings.

University of Minnesota Jack Pine Variety

Uncle Fogey evergreen tree

Uncle Fogey

  • Prostrate, drooping habit
  • Hardy to zone 2
  • 6' wide by 6' tall
  • Released in 1971



Red Pine

The ‘Wissota’ red pine is a dwarf version of a tall native tree, and is a hardy, diminutive landscape tree.

University of Minnesota Red Pine Variety


  • A landscape-friendly dwarf form of a tree that otherwise reaches 100’
  • 6' wide by 6' tall
  • Released in 1998

White Pine

White pine blister rust threatens to destroy native white pines, but some trees are more resistant than others. ‘Patton’s Silver Splendor’ white pine was selected after a decade of screening by U of M researchers following propagation by Robert F. Patton at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Patton initially discovered and investigated the waxy deposits that make the tree exceptionally resistant to blister rust. Thicker than usual waxy deposits inhibit the disease and give the blue-green needles a distinctive silvery look. Cones develop with age and enhance the tree’s ornamental and wildlife value. 

University of Minnesota White Pine Variety

Patton's Silver Splendor evergreen tree

Patton's Silver Splendor

  • Fast-growing white pine that is resistant to blister rust disease due to waxy needles
  • 20-40' wide by 50-80' tall
  • Released in 2011