‘Alderman’ plums are large, with golden flesh and burgundy skin. Horizontal branches make it an attractive small tree in the landscape. Plant ‘Superior,’ ‘Toka,’ or ‘Compass’ as pollinators for best fruit set. 

University of Minnesota Plum Varieties

Alderman plums on a tree


  • Fruit is burgundy red with golden yellow, sweet, juicy flesh
  • Eat fresh or use for preserves
  • Tree is valued as an ornamental and fruits consistently
  • Clingstone
  • Ripens late August
  • Released in 1986

La Crescent

  • High-quality yellow plum
  • Fruit is small to medium, sometimes with a light blush skin
  • Flesh is sweet, juicy
  • Freestone
  • Somewhat suggestive of apricots
  • Vigorous grower but often a shy bearer
  • Ripens early August
  • Released in 1923

Pipestone plum on a tree


  • Large, attractive red fruits for drier areas
  • Sweet, juicy yellow fruit
  • Excellent quality for jam, jellies, and fresh use
  • Very hardy, productive tree
  • Clingstone
  • Ripens late August
  • Released in 1942


  • Hybrid with large fruit with dark red, russet- dotted skin
  • Flesh is yellow, juicy, and sweet
  • Heavy bearing tree may lack hardiness in north
  • Often sets fruit the first year
  • Clingstone
  • Ripens mid-August
  • Released in 1933

Underwood plums on a tree branch


  • Medium-large, red fruit with golden yellow flesh
  • Juicy and sweet flavor
  • High quality for fresh use and jam
  • Clingstone
  • Hardy, vigorous grower with horizontal spread
  • Ripens late July
  • Released in 1920

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All University of Minnesota plum varieties

The University of Minnesota fruit breeding program has released 22 plum varieties since the research began. Some of the varieties listed below are no longer common or commercially available.

Variety name Year released
Elliot 1920
Monitor 1920
Red Wing 1920
Tonka 1920
Underwood 1920
Anoka 1922
Mound 1922
Winona 1922
Goldenrod 1923
Hennepin 1923
La Crescent 1923
Newport 1923
Waconia 1923
Mendota 1924
Radisson 1925
Superior 1933
Ember 1936
Pipestone 1942
Redcoat 1942
Redglow 1949
South Dakota 1949
Alderman 1986