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Grape vines

Time, tenacity, terroir, cooperation from Mother Nature, and the highest quality vines are needed to produce abundant grape harvests. The University of Minnesota can help by offering cold hardy, disease resistant, exceptional grapevine varieties.

Obtain a license to propagate University of Minnesota grape vines

If you want to propagate Frontenac gris, Itasca, La Crescent, Marquette, and/or Clarion grape vines, then you require a license from the University of Minnesota. Each of these varieties has been issued Plant Patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Plant Variety Protection (PVP) has been applied for in Canada for each variety as well.

Propagating vines for sale to third parties requires a plant variety material license. These licenses can be easily obtained in either the United States or Canada by simply completing an express license application or contacting University of Minnesota Technology Licensing Officer Adam Bolton at [email protected].

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Varieties supported through the Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation

Frontenac, Frontenac blanc, and Edelweiss grape vines are available at many nurseries and supported by Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation participants.

Propagation reporting for Frontenac and Frontenac blanc Grapes is managed through cooperation with MNRC. Fees of $0.40 per plant are collected to help fund plant breeding efforts at the University of Minnesota, and foster the development of successful new plant introductions. If you propagate these varieties, please support this program by contacting Pat Bailey, MNRC President, at [email protected].

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