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SnowSweet®, Honeycrisp, Triumph™ and Zestar!® apple trees are varieties developed by the University of Minnesota. SnowSweet® and Triumph® are protected by United States Plant Patents or Plant Variety Rights in other countries. Propagation of trees of this variety without a license is prohibited, even if you want to propagate or topwork only one tree. Honeycrisp (aka Honeycrunch® outside North America) and Zestar!® are no longer under patent protection in the U.S. but a license in Canada and outside North America is still required to propagate trees of these varieties. A list of licensed nurseries for all of these varieties can be found below. 

  • If you are interested in obtaining a license to grow SnowSweet®, Triumph™ or Honeycrisp please contact the Technology Commercialization team via our apple licensing page.
  • If you are an orchardist that would like to place a large quantity order, please contact one of the Licensed Nurseries listed below.
  • If you are a gardener or consumer looking for a small quantity of apple trees, please contact one of the listed Licensed Nurseries or your favorite local garden center.

SnowSweet® (Wildung variety), Honeycrunch®, and Zestar!® (Minnewashta variety) are registered trademarks of the University of Minnesota. Triumph™ is a trademark of the University of Minnesota.

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USA Licensed Nurseries

Canada Licensed Nurseries

Worldwide Licensed Nurseries